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We are dedicated to helping filmmakers and producers bring their visions to life by offering creative production services based on almost 2 decades of professional experience and dedication to film.

We offer and promote the geographical and cultural diversity of Croatia and central Europe as a filming destination.

Our thirst for creativity and new challenges is never-ending, and especially encouraged with impossible requests for production services.

Let's bring your vision to life.

As a company that values integrity, creativity, and collaboration, we strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients and partners. We don't just offer services; we're here to provide a hands-on, supportive experience throughout every stage of your production journey.


Film production services

From script consulting to production management, Aning Film offers a comprehensive range of film production services for filming in Croatia to support your film projects at every stage. Our expertise extends to service production, minority co-production and production supervision, as well as general production consulting, mediation and hire-by-proxy.

Script consulting

Creative production is our primary competence, offering and source of motivation. We take great pride in the fact that we are a reliable source of wisdom for audiovisual professionals around the world.

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Production management

We implement a "always-paranoid-never-panicked" approach to production management, a consistently vigilant yet composed strategy that has proven itself as highly effective on four different continents.

Location management

As any other filmmaker, we love location scouting almost more than filming itself. Challenge us to find something impossible any time!

Artist representation

Aning Film regularly represents commercially negotiable rights of artists, mostly actors and writers, with their employers in film and theater. If you feel as an unrepresented artist in Europe, contact us, our consultation and representation are free of charge.

Consultation and guidence

We offer unbiased, fact-checked, researched, experienced and confidential consultation for filmmakers. Sometimes, a single word is enough to solve a problem. Contact us at any time knowing that we've probably been there too, our discretion is categorical and absolute.


Feel free to reach out to us at any time, knowing that our consultations guarantee both confidentiality and expertise. Our wealth of knowledge is built upon a foundation of curiosity, problem-solving, and most importantly, learning from our failures, which consistently serve as powerful motivators to persevere and try again. Engage with us for reliable and insightful guidance, optimized to meet your specific needs.

Learn about our history, projects and opportunities for film financing in Croatia by exploring our website. You can find a simple but informative film financing calculator app on our page.

About Aning Film

Aning Film is a dynamic and innovative audiovisual production company based in Zagreb, Croatia. Founded in 2010 by Matija Radeljak, a young entrepreneur and filmmaker with a background in various independent productions, Aning Film has quickly established itself as a leading European production house that embraces creativity, cutting-edge storytelling, and cross-media platforms.


Discover the diverse film locations in Croatia, connect with our talented film crew, and take advantage of competitive film incentives, tax rebates and grants offered by the Croatian audiovisual centre. Explore the beauty and versatility of Croatia's film locations for your next project.

The creative producer

It's your only job

We value freedom and creativity above anything else.

We entertain people. Firstly ourselves.

We promote equality, factual information and critical thinking.

We know before anything, that we know nothing.

We stand for our beliefs and those who cannot stand for themselves.

We make money making films, so we can spend it on making films. Often at the same time.

We write poems, and call them movies.

We solve problems. We really do consider it our only job.

We don't write projects. We do them.

Ok, we sometimes write them too. But only when we have to. Let us know if that's the case with anything you might have for us, there's no such word as plenty in our vocabulary.

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