Film consultation

At Aning Film, we understand the challenges and complexities of the film industry. Our expert creative and production consulting services provide filmmakers, producers, and other industry professionals with invaluable insights, advice, and support for their audiovisual projects. With our years of experience and global network, we can help ensure the success of your project, from concept to completion.

Script doctoring and editing

Comprehensive analysis and breakdown of screenplays from first draft to pre-shoot updates and re-writes.
The creative touch being the strongest side of Aning Film, over the years we helped numerous young and experienced writers to get their stories out of moot points and break away
Sometimes "out of the box", is inside the box, and we dare to say when that is loud and clear.

Project development

Dedicated to the art form and production quality, we often help producers in development, preperation and pre-production to merge their vision with partners and artists to achieve the best result possible.
Our consultation services have often branched out of film to start-up owners, media and marketing campaigns and other projects where equal appreciation for creative and rational was needed to achieve project goals.

Artist representation

As a native and organic European production company, we understand all to well the inner workings of the industry, and especially the position many writers, directors and actors are forced into. We see a future of artist representation being solved for globally, and we wish to contribute to that future directly.
If you are an artist in need of experienced representation with your employer on a film project, contact us without obligation and knowing that the provided services will always be free of charge.

ChatGPT consultation

Film and any art form is not only inseparable from science, we find them to represent the same human need for expression, exploration and evolution.
The GPT technology is the latest informational tool that allows for expansion of creativity, learning and problem solving unlike we have ever seen before.
We believe every art professional can greatly benefit by utilizing these technologies. We offer education and general and per-project consultation for GPT-4 by OpenAI.

Get in touch

Get in touch with us to discuss how our consulting services can benefit your audiovisual project. Don't forget to check out our Creative Production Services for a comprehensive approach to your project and our services for Filming in Croatia for both minority co-production and service production projects.

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