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Dogma 23 is a pioneering film gallery situated in the heart of Zagreb, conceived to bridge the realms of traditional cinema with the avant-garde possibilities of modern technology. It stands as a beacon for filmmakers and all other artists worldwide, offering a platform where films projects, at any stage of their journey, can be showcased, nurtured, and propelled forward. At its core, Dogma 23 aims to help, guide, and promote film projects to their prospective financiers and audiences.

The Contemporary Cinematic Dilemma

The film industry, as vibrant as it is, faces challenges that threaten its very essence. With the digital takeover, the age-old charm of traditional cinema is fading. Artists often find themselves distanced from their audiences, while the bridge between creators and financiers grows longer. Moreover, the industry, while vast, lacks platforms that truly embrace inclusivity, often sidelining voices that deserve to be heard. There's a growing need for a space that not only acknowledges these challenges but actively works towards addressing them, by connecting the new world with the old, empowering them for the age to come.

Dogma 23: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Enter Dogma 23, a film gallery that strives to be the remedy to the industry's challenges. Here, we celebrate the filmmaking journey, from idea to distribution. By providing a platform for projects in all stages of development, Dogma 23 becomes a nexus for collaboration, networking, and growth. Our commitment to blending the best of the past with the innovations of the present ensures that cinema remains an art form that's both timeless and contemporary. Whether it's the allure of celluloid or the efficiency of smart contracts, at Dogma 23, every tool is a means to tell and share a compelling story with the world.

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Introducing Dogma 23

In 1995, the world of cinema witnessed the birth of Dogma 95, a filmmaking movement started by Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. This avant-garde manifesto aimed to define filmmaking by rejecting the use of then-revolutionary technologies in favor of cherishing the filmmaking craft of physically creating that which the celluloid can capture. Today, as the world of cinema continues to evolve, I introduce Dogma 23, a nod to the past with a vision firmly rooted in the future.

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Dogma 23: The Manifesto

1. Cinema is an inherently altruistic art-form which empowers, enlightens and unifies people.

Cinema, since its inception, transcends its role as an art form to become a catalyst for societal unity, a mirror to our collective humanity, and a conduit for empowerment.

2. Without an audience, cinema does not exist.

The audience is the lifeblood of cinema, completing the creative cycle by bringing their interpretations and emotional responses to the narrative.

3. Films must be conceived organically and crafted systematically.

Films should be born from a natural creative impulse and then nurtured with deliberate and methodical craftsmanship, ensuring a balance between inspiration and discipline.

4. Celluloid and theatre are the native medium of cinema.

The essence of cinema is deeply rooted in the physicality of celluloid and the communal experience of the theatre, mediums that offer a unique and irreplaceable experience.

5. Producer and director can only be credited once. All crew must be credited alphabetically.

The crediting system is reimagined not just for fairness but for recognizing and promoting the collective symphony of talents that orchestrate the cinematic experience.

6. Prefer the infinite untold stories over franchises.

Countless stories remain untapped, each holding the potential to resonate more profoundly than the familiar echoes of sequels and spin-offs.

7. Equality and transparency are the foundation of every film production.

The bedrock of cinematic creation is a commitment to egalitarian principles and clear-sighted openness, ensuring that every voice is heard and every process is visible.

8. Cinema is an invention without a future.

As we stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, we embrace the wisdom that cinema, our most cherished invention, is not bound by the confines of yesterday, or tomorrow. It is a living art, ever-present, always unfolding in the now. Each screening is a rebirth, where the past and the possible converge, reminding us that every moment in the darkened theatre is a unique intersection of light, sound, and collective breath. It is here, in this sacred space, that we celebrate the timeless and the temporal, the enduring and the ephemeral, as we continue to dream in the universal language of film.

A Canvas of Cinematic Evolution

Nestled in the heart of Zagreb, Dogma 23 is a testament to the ever-evolving world of cinema. It will be spanning a cozy space, transforming its design with every project it hosts depending on the unique needs of each. Gallery showcases a myriad of elements - from classic printed frames, looping animations, and projected clips to tangible celluloid strips, evocative script pages, and even the passionate voices of artists themselves, pitching and presenting their visions live.

The dynamic nature of Dogma 23 ensures that its walls and floors tell a different story every 2 to 8 weeks. This rotation is not just a change in content but a transformation of the space itself. Rooms are reconfigured to breathe life into each project's distinct narrative.

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The gallery will open its doors in the summer of 2024 in a beautiful and cozy street-level space in central Zagreb.

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