Dogma 23

Bridging cinema traditions with technological innovations

In the heart of Zagreb emerges Dogma 23, a unique gallery of film set to cherish and redefine the boundaries of cinema. Marrying the industry standards and traditions of filmmaking with the boundless possibilities of modern technology, Dogma 23 is more than just a gallery space — it's a movement into the next golden era of art and global enlightenment. 

The Contemporary Cinematic Dilemma

The film industry, as vibrant as it is, faces challenges that threaten its very essence. With the digital takeover, the age-old charm of traditional cinema is fading. Artists often find themselves distanced from their audiences, while the bridge between creators and financiers grows longer. Moreover, the industry, while vast, lacks platforms that truly embrace inclusivity, often sidelining voices that deserve to be heard. There's a growing need for a space that not only acknowledges these challenges but actively works towards addressing them, by connecting the new world with the old, empowering them for the age to come.

Dogma 23: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Enter Dogma 23, a film gallery that strives to be the remedy to the industry's challenges. Here, we don't just screen films; we celebrate the entire filmmaking journey, from idea to distribution. By providing a platform for projects in all stages of development, Dogma 23 becomes a nexus for collaboration, networking, and growth. Our commitment to blending the best of the past with the innovations of the present ensures that cinema remains an art form that's both timeless and contemporary. Whether it's the allure of celluloid or the efficiency of smart contracts, at Dogma 23, every tool is a means to tell and share a compelling story with the world.

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